Apple Books update in iOS12: a “love letter to readers”

MacStories reports that Apple has created a major update for iBooks, rebranding the app simply “Books” (or Apple Books, akin to Apple Music).

I highly recommend reading the full story, which was nicely written by Ryan Christoffel.

While the redesign itself is lovely (hurrah for a touch of skeumorphism in the book spines and for the elegant use of typography and whitespace), what I’m really happy about are twofold: (1) the much improved organization (in the store, as well as for your own collection); and (2) the addition of Goodreads-like features! Yes, now you can keep track of your reading, build wishlists, and get suggestions for future titles to read.

Nice job, Apple! This reader appreciates the hard work you put into Books.

(Now, if only you could work on the Podcasts app…. but that’s another story.)